Professional Stair Installation

Our process consists of three phases, every phase crucial in producing the optimum results; Design , Installation, and Staining & Painting.


We begin this phase of the process at our initial meting with you as our client at your home or project site. There, we will walk the stair, discuss existing problems and concerns, and then we will discuss your visions and ideas. The more information about your personal tastes you can provide for us at this meeting the closer we can arrive at a solution ensuring a truly individual design.

Other factors that influence the design and success of the design are budget and flexibility in phasing out the projects to accommodate budget restraints.

Our initial consultation usually lasts about 1 hour and is free. We believe this hour provides enough time to thoroughly discuss your project and to learn about each other.

Upon signed agreement of the estimate, we move to the 2nd phase of our process.


Although the end of the design phase can be exciting the Installation process is the most exhilarating.

Once the agreement has been made we will schedule a time to begin your Stair project and materials will be ordered, delivered and the activity will begin.

You will be pleasantly surprised by our cleanliness and respect for existing areas that should not be disturbed. Many of our clients tell us how they expected the whole house to be torn up and a complete mess until the end of the job. Our workers know how important it is to leave the job site as clean as possible everyday; we do not agree with the mentality of “this is a job site, we’ll clean this up at the end”.

We stay on track.

Once we begin your project we will be on site (weather permitting) until your project is completed- working continuously with a purpose: to exceed your expectations. If at anytime you have a question or would like to make minor changes, we are flexible and will adjust to your preferences as long as no additional material is needed and no additional labor costs accrue.

Your satisfaction is guaranteed and we will exceed your expectations!

Staining & Painting

Painting or Staining a stair can be a task that takes a couple days (2-3 days). It all depends on how much wood has been installed.

Before we arrive we ask that you remove and put away all of your pictures, artwork and knick knacks in the room. We do not ask you to move any furniture, our crews will move all furniture and replace and we will also remove and replace most window treatments also if you have any large items on walls that you need help with we will be glad to assist you in removing and replacement.

Next we will prepare the room by covering furniture and floors.

The woodwork to be painted is then sanded, cleaned by vacuum and wiped with tack rags. We then will apply a coat of primer and back brush if necessary. The following day we caulk the woodwork, sand, vacuum , wipe and paint again.

This is the most time consuming of all the interior work we do. Because of the smell and dry times involved with oil based paints it is suggested that you not stay in the home while we are painting with oil based paints.

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